Pinstripe Solid Black 3mm x 10mt

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Pinstripe Solid Black 3mm x 10mt
Pinstripe Solid Black 3mm x 10mt
Pinstripe Solid Black 3mm x 10mt
Pinstripe Solid Black 3mm x 10mt

1101 - Pinstripe Solid Black 3mm x 10mt

Our pinstripe is available in a range of colours, widths and multi-stripe combinations and can be used for many projects, not limited to automotive.

Go to our full pinstripe listing and use the page filters to search for colour/width varieties.


  • Automotive Styling
  • Caravans and Marine Craft
  • Model Aircraft and other modelling projects
  • White Boards
  • General Arts and Crafts


  1. Ensure the surface temperature you are applying to is not > 18 °C (65 °F)
  2. If necessary, cool surface with a damp cloth or sponge and then dry thoroughly
  3. Surface must be clean - remove all wax, dirt, oil or grease from application area
  4. Peel backing paper off to expose adhesive, pressing onto surface. Do not stretch tape.
  5. Wipe over entire tape with a soft cloth to ensure bond
  6. Tapes may have a clear removable top liner. Remove this by gently pulling in a parallel motion, NOT at right angles to the tape.
  7. Allow at least 48 hours before washing, waxing etc.
  8. Refer to full instructions on the pack for further information


* Please note that it is difficult to provide an accurate photographic image of pinstripe tape. Some of the images supplied are graphical renders only and true colours will differ from technical drawings.