Battery Relocation
Relocating Batteries can be a popular modification that customers do on their vehicles. This modification is done for many reasons which include appearance, weight distribution, stage 1 of hidden wiring and creating more room in their engine bay. High-Quality cable is used to ensure that there are no future problems with voltage drop or cold start problems. We make sure all cables are clamped and protected and are 100% safe.
Fusebox Relocation
Engine bay fuse boxes are the main part of a hidden wiring package. On most vehicles, a fuse box would be relocated as a hidden wiring package, only because the wiring attached to the fuse box are also joined into the main loom that gets hidden. In some situations that the fuse box isn’t attached to the complete body harness such as the Holden VK-VL commodores, the fuse box can be relocated without a complete hidden wiring package.
Complete Engine Bay Hidden Wiring
Our custom engine bay hidden wiring come in different package deals to suit your budget and needs. From a basic tidy up, to a full engine bay hidden wiring the aim is to only have your engine exposed in the engine bay. Generally when a full hidden wiring package is done, the battery is also relocated into the boot, and the fuse box relocated into the glove box
Custom Clusters
12Volt Customs have changed the way you see your dials. We customize your factory cluster to your own personal look, from full show, to a full race look appearance, while still keeping all the important dials in front of you.
Were it would be the look you’re after, or simply not happy with the way the factory dials operate, we make each cluster custom made for each customer.
Indicators and warning lights are also added to the clusters, to make sure you keep an eye on everything that is important.
Aftermarket Gauges
Aftermarket Gauges are a key aspect of making sure everything on the motor is running correctly and safely. With gauge accuracy been vital, we stock and fit only the best in auto meter gauges.