LS Info

 You are about to start your LS conversion, or even already in the middle of your conversion and you are coming up to the wiring stage. This part can be overwhelming and stressful for many with not knowing which way to go, or not knowing who to trust to guarantee you a working wiring harness. Take a moment to read through why 12volt Customs is your go to for all your LS wiring conversions, and why our DIY harness is all you need to complete your LS conversion even with minimal electrical experience.  

 We go above and beyond with your wiring harness to make sure all the hard work is done by us by making sure your harness is tested on our test engine before it arrives to you. With over 10 years’ experience in auto electrical we don’t just sell you a product, we are there every step of the way in offering you technical support if needed.   

 Our complete fuse-box is one main feature of our wiring harness that stands out from the competition. We do not offer different stage packages with just 1-2 relays and a couple fuses, leaving you with the remaining wiring to be still completed. Don’t be caught out with “plug and play” setups that put extra electrical strain on your factory fuse-box which is not designed to handle it. Because every vehicle’s electrical wiring condition varies, we avoid “plug & play” setups to eliminate difficult electrical issues. Leave your factory fuse-box control everything body related and let our brand-new fuse box look after everything to do with your LS conversion.  


BRAND NEW! Yes. This is NOT a second hand change over product. We don’t ask for your second-hand harness as a changeover. Don’t be fooled by cheaper stand-alone wiring harness’s that could cost more if there is further repairs to be made, or over-looked which will cost you time troubleshooting electrical issues.