Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Billet Black 4X4*

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Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Billet Black 4X4*

SGAP3 Oil Filter Sandwich Plate Billet Black 4X4*

If you're running aftermarket gauges and/or lights, chances are you'll need a way of mounting the associated senders/switches into an oil gallery. This may be done for a single additional sender via one of our brass adaptors, but if you have multiple senders, or have space constraints, then a sandwich plate is probably your best solution.


  • 3 additional 1/8" NPT sender/switch ports
  • Locates between your engine block and oil filter and allows for the installation of gauge senders to suit our SAAS range of gauges
  • Choose the correct filter adaptor bolt based on your oil filter thread
  • If you're unsure of what adaptor bolt to use, drop us an enquiry from the CONTACT US button at the base of the page and tell us what vehicle, engine, year you have and we can advise bolt thread.


  • Locating with a dual channel groove, we recommend seating the gasket with a light smear of grease to avoid any potential displacement when installing
  • Avoid rotating the sandwich plate when tightening to the engine block

* NB - this adaptor is NOT suitable for Toyota 1HZ / 1HD-T / 1KD / 1KZ-TE engines due to the increased length of the standard oil filter/pump threaded bolt