Inline Water Temperature Sender Adaptor

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Inline Water Temperature Sender Adaptor

Inline Water Temperature Sender Adaptor

SWTA32 Water Temp Adaptor Radiator Hose 32mm Aluminium

Mount your water temperature directly within the radiator hose using our inline sender adaptor. Machined from aluminium and designed to accept a 1/8" NPT sender, the positioning ensures you obtain the most accurate temperature reading possible.


  • Machined aluminium finish
  • Includes grub screw to run ground wire to earth
  • Suits 32mm (1 17/64") diameter radiator hoses
  • Accepts 1/8" NPT senders


Item Code Diameter Finish
SWTA28B 28mm Black Anodized
SWTA32 32mm Silver Aluminium
SWTA32B 32mm Black Anodised
SWTA34 34mm Silver Aluminium
SWTA34B 34mm Black Anodised
SWTA36 36mm Silver Aluminium
SWTA36B 36mm Black Anodised
SWTA38 38mm Silver Aluminium
SWTA38B 38mm Black Anodised
SWTA40B 40mm Black Anodised