Charge Equalizer Redarc 24VDC To 12V Battery Charging 10A


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he REDARC 10A Charge Equaliser is designed to manage a high current 12 volt supply in a 24 volt vehicle. It allows 12 volts to be ‘tapped’ from the centre of a series-connected, two battery, 24 volt DC electrical system while still ensuring an equal charge across the two batteries.

Charge Equalisers are often used when lack of space or cost prohibits the installation of a separate 12 volt battery.

The REDARC Charge Equaliser has a high peak current capability and fast transient response suited for loads requiring a safe, clean and stable 12 volt supply.

It has the advantage of drawing power from a battery rather than through a current limited device, like a voltage reducer. This allows for a much larger peak current draw.