Bulk Y Split 1F To 2M RCA 1Pr Red


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Bulk Y Split 1F To 2M RCA 1Pr Red

Bulk 1 Male RCA to 2 female RCA Y split Pro Spec interconnect audio cable

Frosted tri-colour dual twisted-pair cable with red highlights and fitted with precision moulded micro bullet RCA connectors with split tip ends and colour coded channel identifiers

DNA Pro Spec RCA interconnects are designed with dual twisted-pair conductors to eliminate inducted noise and interference and assists in offering superior noise rejection and signal transfer. Utilizing oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors for enhanced conductivity of audio signal transmission, and micro bullet RCA plugs with a dual split-tip centre pins, the DNA Pro Spec series RCA’s are ideal for anyone looking for excellent performance at an economical price.

Outer diameter: 3mm
Cable length: 22cm
Cable colour: Frosted tri-colour cable with red highlights
RCA Connectors: Black with colour coded markers and DNA logo
Cable Clip: Located in the middle from each end of the RCA connectors
Pack size: 2 Per pack