LSA E67 Stand Alone Engine Harness


Pre orders may take up to 2-4 weeks for your Stand Alone Engine Harness to be made.

 This harness is designed to be a complete Stand-Alone Engine wiring harness with all brand new wiring and connectors to suit any model vehicle with a E67 ECM LSA motor and supports any mechanical automatic transmission, any manual gearbox and supports both the factory 6 speed 6L80E & 6L90E Transmission. It's  designed for a D.I.Y application, which also comes with its own booklet to assist you in completing your conversion. Avoid broken wires and connectors with your second hand harness.


Our new updated fuse box which is now included as standard, has been designed to accommodate everything that you require to complete your LS Conversion without the need for any upgrades. It is designed to control everything needed to make your engine run which takes all the hard work away from you.

  • Ignition Relay
  • PCM Relay
  • Engine Sensors Relay
  • Fuel Pump Relay
  • Starter Relay
  • Thermo Fan 1 Relay
  • Thermo Fan 2 Relay
  • Intercooler Pump Relay



  • Brand New Wiring & GM Delphi Connectors
  • Harness Length to Fit PCM under Dash/Kit Panel or Glove Box
  • Supports Factory 6L80E & 6L90E Transmission
  • 02 Sensors extended to suit 02 Sensors fitted further back
  • Crank Sensor and knock sensor wiring modified to avoid tight exhaust clearance
  • Harness length designed to suit hidden wiring if required
  • Thermo fan wiring incorporated into harness
  • Optional Cloth Tape feature for a neater appearance
  • Harness complete ready to turn key


Cloth Taped Harness Show Package Option

The Stand-Alone Engine Harness is finished in standard black harness tape to suit conversions that don't  require a detailed show finish and prefer a standard finish. For conversions thst require a show finish harness, the upgraded show package includes an overall harness modification to the lengths of each component of the engine bay, allowing you to run the harness much neater then factory to create a more hidden wiring look on your engine and comes with a complete wrap of a stylish cloth tape of the complete engine harness which is also liquid resistant. (Oil/fuel/water)